Master Ball - Pokemon ピカチュウ [★] ポケモン
ピカチュウ [★] ポケモン
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Put a Pokeball type in my ask
Poke: What are your top 10 Pokemon?
Great: Favorite Pokemon game?
Ultra: If you've captured a shiny, what was your first shiny?
Master: What's your favorite legendary?
Safari: What was your first ever Pokemon game?
Lure: What introduced you to Pokemon?
Moon: In SS/HG, time effected the Pokemon that appeared. So, night or day?
Friend: Do your friends play Pokemon?
Heavy: Is there anything you hate about Pokemon?
Fast: Do you keep up with the fandom?
Premier: What was your first ever Pokemon?
Repeat: Do you watch the anime?
Timer: When was the last time you played any of the games?
Nest: Do many people know you like Pokemon or do you keep it to yourself?
Net: Has there ever been a Pokemon you had difficulty catching?
Dive: Water or Fire types?
Luxury: What Pokemon do you think is overrated?
Heal: What animal would you like a Pokemon to be based off of?
Quick: Have you ever played a nuzlocke?
Dusk: Do you or did you play Pokemon at night a lot?
Cherish: What Pokemon do you love the most?
Park: If you could own any Pokemon, which one would you want and why?