Master Ball - Pokemon ピカチュウ [★] ポケモン
ピカチュウ [★] ポケモン
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Anonymous sent:

Dude, pokemonstuffism is using all your posts for promotional purposes! That's just wrong. But love your blog by the way :-)

Thank you anon for noticing that. I’ve been knowing about this person and latterly he is going too far with this, which is annoying. Not even using my own gifs for promotions.. but many other bloggers works been used for his promotions.
I just don’t know what to say, if people are really smart to realize that he is doing this without getting tired; stealing others work for promotions.. they should stop giving him chances. Like you said, this is completely WRONG.
but what could I say? leave him alone..m.. maybe he is sick mentally?

Anyway thanks for telling me that! :)

Anonymous sent:

What difference is there between the pikachu with the straight tail end, and the one with two bumps on the end? Whys it like that?

The one with the straight tail is a male pikachu. And I believe the other one with two bumps is a female pikachu! kawai deso neh? :3

pikachewy sent:

Thank you very much for the follow!! Your gifs and edits are great, and your blog is awesome! ^-^ Have a nice day.

I… I just don’t know what to say! it’s not that awesome like your blog:)


thanks for following me back! I appreciate that <3

Have a nice day too!